rood cleaning company Centre Hall, PA and State College, PA

A Clean Roof is a Happy Roof

Make time for roof cleaning services in Centre Hall & State College, PA

Cleaning your roof on your own would require professional equipment and a bit of risk. Pro Wash 814 can handle the job instead. We provide roof soft washing for homes and businesses in Centre Hall & State College, PA and surrounding areas.

Our roof cleaning services involve low pressure cleaning using a mix of sodium hypochlorite and industry-standard soap. This stops organic growth on roofs to prevent damage. Our knowledge and experience allow us to provide a deep clean without damage.

Speak with a cleaning pro now to learn more about our process.

Reap the benefits of a well-maintained roof

Every part of your home needs maintenance to last longer and look better. That includes your roof. If your roof is more than five years old, you need routine roof cleaning services. This process can:

  • Help your shingles last up to 30 years
  • Improve your overall curb appeal
  • Removes mildew, mold, moss, lichen, and gloeocapsa magma

Roof soft washing is essential, whether you own a home or business. Hire us in Centre Hall & State College, PA or a surrounding area today.